Rebecca Raven travels to the country for some rest and relaxation...and a bloody confrontation with flesh-starved zombie hungry to bite off more than it can swallow
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Duane Polcou, Michael R. Thomas
DIRECTED BY: Brett Piper
PRODUCED BY: Christina Christodoulopoulos
GENRE(S): Horror, Fantasy, Erotic
RUNTIME: (88 Min), YEAR: 2006
Vamps 2
This sexy sequel to the cult hit Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls finds beautiful vampire stripper Heather battling an evil cabal of go-go dancing, throat-tearing beasts.
STARRING: Paul Morris, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Amber Newman
DIRECTED BY: Mark Burchett
GENRE(S): Horror, Fantasy, Erotic
RUNTIME: (90 min), YEAR: 2004
Witchbabe: Erotic Witch Project 3
The super-sexy prequet to The Erotic Witch Project details origins of the Erotic Witch in 18th century Bacchusville.
STARRING: Laurie Wallace, Misty Mundae, Darian Caine
PRODUCED BY: John Bacchus, Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Erotic, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (75 Min), YEAR: 2003
Vampire Vixen
The resurrected daughter of Dracula searches in "vein" for beautiful lesbians to serve as her eternal bedmate. Loser Eugene performs her bidding.
STARRING: Tina Krause, A.J. Khan, John Paul Fedele, Mia Copia, Misty Mundae, Darian Caine
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Erotic, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (78 Min), YEAR: 2003
Erotic Time Machine, The
Seductive 31st century scientist Miss Manners (Kelli Summers) has unlocked the secret of time travel. She has also discovered a curious side-effect of physical motion through the time and space continuum - intimate arousal, the likes of which has never been known to humankind. Manners calls it "lust travel," and she is utterly addicted to it. Lust travel has turned her into a pleasure-seeking adventurer whose sole purpose is to experience erotic satisfaction in every epoch, both past and future. On this particular day, Manners' sights have been set on the 21st century, and she is hot for sensual lesbian action. With her time capsule poised for departure and her luscious young body primed for untold excitement, there is no telling when and if she will ever be coming back to her own time.
STARRING: Darian Caine, Tina Krause, Suzi Lorraine
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
GENRE(S): Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Erotic
RUNTIME: (78 Min), YEAR: 2002
Silk Stalking Strangler
Jackie, a pretty young lesbian, moves in with Olivia, an older and experienced lesbian. Their landlord, a leering voyeuristic psychopath, demands that they pay their back rent or he'll throw them out. In order to forestall eviction, Olivia convinces the naive young Jackie to help put on a "show" for the landlord, but as his fantasies about the two of them get more perverse, Jackie begins to fear that their lives may be in danger.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Katie Jordan, Joey Smack
DIRECTED BY: William Hellfire
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso, William Hellfire, Zoe Moonshine
GENRE(S): Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (120 min), YEAR: 2002
Mummy Raider
The sexy, evil scientist Doctor Humboldt is attempting to resurrect an Ancient Egyptian king named Thotep in order to start the Fourth Reich. The only ones able to bring the mummy back to life are Professor Cleve and his daughter Kristen, whom Humbolt tries to seduce for the incantation. She fails and forces the girl to revive the creature. Now Kristen has to combat it and Humboldt's henchmen in a hail of bullets, leather and skin.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Esmerelda DeLarocca, Bruce Hallenbeck, Michael O'Reilly, Jimmy Gunn, Rich George, Brian Paulin
DIRECTED BY: Brian Paulin
GENRE(S): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (45 Min), YEAR: 2002
Erotic Ghost, The
A bored, frustrated housewife (Darian Caine) with a whining loser of a husband named Robert. All of a sudden, she begins seeing a ghost (Tammy Parks), who turns out to be of the erotic variety. Robert is cursed with a sneaky, unethical co-worker determined to steal his job and make fun of him while doing so, and as his mental decline (it's not a long trip) progress to a point where he decides to take matters into his own hands. His punishment is most unusual, and his bad day goes from bad to worse when he arrives home.
STARRING: Tammy Parks, Darian Caine, Victoria Vega, Jade Duboir, Zachary Winston Snygg
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Erotic, Horror, Fantasy
RUNTIME: (72 Min), YEAR: 2001
Mistress Frankenstein
The beautiful, sexually repressed Baroness Helena Frankenstein has been killed in a tragic horse-riding accident. Now it is up to her husband Victor - great, great grandson of the infamous ghoul maker - to give Helena a new brain and bring her back to life. But the new brain comes from a lesbian nymphomaniac, and it turns the revived Helena into a rampaging, sex-starved monster who must have her way with every woman she meets. At first repulsed by the evil seductress, each delicious victim eventually submits to Helena's insatiable female lust, which takes them to gasping and exhausted heights of pleasure. Soon, however, the townspeople of Karlstadt learn of Dr. Frankenstein's sexy and diabolical new creation, and they set out to destroy her. But hot, gorgeous women making love has a way of melting the hearts of even the angriest mob...
STARRING: Darian Caine, AJ Khan, Debbie Rochon, Heidi Christine, Victoria Vega, Jessie Harcourt, Jade Duboir, John Paul Fedele, Bennigan Feeney, Michael R. Thomas, Zachary W. Snygg, Michael L. Raso
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (120 min), YEAR: 2000
Erotic Witch Project 2
When beautiful college students Darian, Katie and Victoria disappeared in the Bacchusville woods - succumbing to the torrid lesbian powers of the mythical Erotic Witch - authorities believed they would never be found alive nor heterosexual! But this shocking, uncensored footage recorded at the Khan Institute for Mental Health documents the discovery of the erotically possessed Darian, her examination at the institute, and the spontaneous outbreak of sensual female lust and hot-tongued debauchery never before observed in the annals of psycho-sexual behavior.
STARRING: A.J. Khan, Darian Caine, Katie Jordan, Bill Hellfire, Rio, Allanah Rhodes, Michael Thomas, Jeff Faoro, Zack Snygg
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Joe Ned, Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Adventure, Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (74 Min), YEAR: 2000
Erotic Witch Project
November 1999. Three gorgeous college girls entered the woods of Bacchusville, New Jersey, in search of the legendary Erotic Witch. With cameras in hand documenting their every footstep and discovery, Katie, Darian and Victoria were unafraid of the Witch's ultra-sexy supernatural powers and sensual spells. After all, the girls had left their boyfriends behind. What erotic "harm" could possibly befall them? Two weeks later their footage was found. It presented authorities with the hottest, naughtiest, most unbelievable lesbian encounters ever witnessed. Three normal, All-American girls suddenly turned into gasping, lustful, uninhibited vixens - each one satisfying herself and the others in the most delicious and delectable ways. Surely sinful, undeniable proof of the Erotic Witch's seductive existence.
STARRING: Darian Caine, Katie Keane, Victoria Vega, James Magee, John Link, Jeffrey Faoro, Michael Raso, Zack Snygg, Joe Ned
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Adventure, Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy, Horror, Classic
RUNTIME: (78 Min), YEAR: 2000
Scary Sexy Disaster Movie
Deadly cargo has been stowed aboard the Titanic in the form of a beautiful and voluptuous lesbian vampire.
STARRING: Tammy Parks, Tina Krause, Elizabeth Cintron, David Fine, Misty Mundae, Tina Krause, Elizabeth Cintron, David Fine, Misty Mundae
DIRECTED BY: John Paul Fedele
PRODUCED BY: John Paul Fedele, Michael L. Raso
GENRE(S): Erotic, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 1999
Vampire's Seduction
Wally Van Helsing attempts to put an end to Mistress Dracula's unearthly lust for female flesh and bring honor to the Van Helsing name.
STARRING: Tina Krause, Paige Turner, Kiki Michaels
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Erotic, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (55 Min), YEAR: 1977
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