Queen: Will Rock You
With his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals, Freddy Mercury propelled his band Queen to become one of the most legendary groups of all time. Now, more than 30 years after they began to dominate the live music industry, take a look back and celebrate the band's iconic and legendary status in the international rock stratosphere. On the heels of the theatrical feature film about Mercury slated for release in 2012, this program marks the start of another decade of power and success.
STARRING: Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May, Roger Taylor
DIRECTED BY: Tara Pirina
PRODUCED BY: Stax Entertainment
GENRE(S): Biography, Pop, Rock
RUNTIME: (70 Min), YEAR: 2012
King George VI: The Man Behind The King's Speech
King's Speech is the definitive story of the man who overcame his own failings for the sake of his nation. When his older brother, Edward VIII abdicates the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, nervous-mannered successor George "Bertie" VI is plagued with shyness and a speech impediment when speaking to his subjects. It is the true story of an introvert and humble man whom events and circumstances made him become an inspiration for the British nation during their war with Hitler's Germany.
STARRING: Featuring Colin Firth, Tom Hooper, and Mark Logue
GENRE(S): Biography, History
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 2011
Justin Bieber: This is My World
This profile takes you on the path to the Justin Bieber phenomenon and includes his performances of current hits including "Baby" and "One Time" to video of backstage footage, interviews with Bieber, Usher, and more.
STARRING: Justin Bieber, Usher
DIRECTED BY: Tara Pirina
PRODUCED BY: Stax Entertainment, Tara Pirnia, Tony Taglienti
GENRE(S): Biography, Pop
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2011
Legend of the Sandsquatch
When a young woman's grandfather goes suddenly missing in the desert, she starts searching for clues as to where he might have been going. What she finds, though, is a secret he's been hiding from her; his quest to track and destroy the mysterious desert monster, Sandsquatch, which killed his friends. Determined to find him before it’s too late she puts together a search party and heads into the dunes for a hunt to the death.
STARRING: Hilary Schwartz, Aubrey Jensen
DIRECTED BY: Lola Wallace
PRODUCED BY: Lola Wallace, Tom Devlin
GENRE(S): Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
RUNTIME: (80 MIn), YEAR: 2010
World Atlas
The Atlas steps into the digital age. A new one-of-a-kind World Atlas covering all parts of the globe with animated maps from Rand McNally and in-depth cultural and historical information. Each episode is dedicated to different countries, containing four distinct features - physical geography, political geography, popular locations, and thematic maps.
DIRECTED BY: Elisabetta Cametti
PRODUCED BY: Gualtiero Carraro, Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Roberto Carraro
GENRE(S): Travel
RUNTIME: (40 x 40 Min), YEAR: 2009
Hollywood vs. the Mob
The American mob developed as European immigrants came to New York City. They banded together to develop their own version of the American dream... a unique form of business: Organized Crime. Through newspapers & film the leaders of organized crime became household names, glamorized as heroes. This series will reveal the truth behind the myth of the American Mob and its Godfathers.
STARRING: Narrated by Don Kraus
PRODUCED BY: Kenny James, Scott Gordon
GENRE(S): History, Crime
RUNTIME: (9 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2008
Conquest of The Sky: The History of Aviation
Witness the remarkable development of flight, with thrilling moments and achievements from yesterday's winged gliders to the newest aircraft that continue to push the boundaries of aviation. With rare archive footage and amazing new video, take a journey from de Vinci's flying machine to the Wright Brothers to the ultimate hypersonic aircraft, the X-43.
STARRING: Narrated by Peter Lownds
DIRECTED BY: Stephen Rocha
PRODUCED BY: David Stump
GENRE(S): Aviation, History
RUNTIME: (2 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2008
Queen: Rock Case Studies
The triumphs and the tragedies, Rock Case Studies is the complete independent film review of all Queen albums from their self-titled debut to Innuendo. Reams of archival interviews and performance footage are explored by a leading team of critics and music journalists to discover what made Queen a rock music phenomenon. Featuring Highlights From: • We Will Rock You • Keep Yourself Alive • Killer Queen • Bohemian Rhapsody • We Are The Champions • Under Pressure • Plus Much More!
STARRING: Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon
DIRECTED BY: Bob Carruthers
PRODUCED BY: Archive Media Publishing, Ltd., Bob Carruthers, Tara Pirnia, Tony Taglienti
GENRE(S): Biography, Pop, Rock
RUNTIME: (70 Min), YEAR: 2007
Threat of Exposure
Dr. Daryl Sheleigh is a psychotherapist whose clients have begun to mysteriously disappear. Badger Welldon, working undercover, poses as a patient while looking for clues, as the therapy progresses boundaries are broken. Disturbing secrets from Badger's past emerge and a compelling bond develops between them. As Badger's feelings deepen so does the chilling evidence against her.
STARRING: Sean Young, William Devane, Will Schaub
PRODUCED BY: Dennis Fallon
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2007
Nasa's X Files: History of the X Plane
Soar beyond the horizon and into the future of aviation from Earth to space at MACH 10 with unprecedented behind the scenes access to NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center. Experience never-before-seen test flight footage and air travel at unimaginable speeds, from the first supersonic X-1 flight to plans to create the ultimate hypersonic aircraft, the X-48. PRODUCED BY: Maverick Media Works in Association with NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
STARRING: Narrated by Peter Lownds
PRODUCED BY: Lane Wallace, Maverick Media Works, Michael G. Ingram, Stephen Rocha
GENRE(S): Aviation, Technology, History
RUNTIME: (5 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2007
When a Killer Calls
This modern adaptation of the classic babysitter campfire tale that inspired HALLOWEEN, follows a young babysitter who receives a seemingly harmless phone call from an anonymous stranger. This annoyance turns to terror when she finally has the calls traced to inside the house!
STARRING: Rebekah Kochan (Eating Out 1-3), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill)
DIRECTED BY: Peter Mervis
PRODUCED BY: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Sherri Strain
GENRE(S): Horror
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2006
Night of the Dead
In what is considered to be the most shocking film since RE-ANIMATOR, Dr. Gabriel Schreklich may have finally created a serum to bring the dead back to life. But at a price. His laboratory is filled with horrifying, disfigured "mistakes"--flesh eating ghouls whose bodies live, but whose brains are dead (Leben Tod). Tonight, his mistakes are set free.
STARRING: Louis Graham
DIRECTED BY: Eric Forsberg
PRODUCED BY: Eric Forsberg
GENRE(S): Horror
RUNTIME: (91 Min), YEAR: 2006
TV - The Movie
"Jackassian" stunts spoof TV series such as "Fear Factor" to "Wife Swap" to "The Apprentice" to "Girls Gone Wild". Nothing is off limits. So sit back, relax and let us change the channel for you.
STARRING: Chris Pontius, Preston Lucy, Steve-O, and Wee-man
DIRECTED BY: Sam Maccarone
GENRE(S): Comedy
RUNTIME: (86 Min), YEAR: 2006
Take 3 Girls
Ala DREAM GIRLS, TAKE 3 GIRLS captures the spirit of London's vibrant but dangerous multi-cultural youth music scene and the ties that hold it together - music, clubbing, hopes and dreams. It's about growing up and the redemptive power of family love.
STARRING: Caroline Chikeze, Karen David, Soni Razdan
PRODUCED BY: Meenu Bachan, Phil Blackburn, Vibha Bhatnagar
GENRE(S): Drama
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2006
A young Russian foreign exchange student arrives at the home of the vicar of a very proper English village. Her secret colorful past with the Mob is suddenly revealed, and she must choose behind saving herself and the family that embraced her.
STARRING: Algina Lipskis, Jenna Harrison and Serena Gordon
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Ragini Sona, Meenu Bachan, Phil Blackburn, Vibha Bhatnagar, Peter Ansorge
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2006
Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of
Progressive technology & exceptional design along with the passion to build the best automobiles in the world define Mercedes-Benz. Take a ride through history and see how the inventions of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz changed the world of engineering and automotive feats. With sensational never-been-seen exclusive footage from the Daimler Chrysler archives, this program is bound to thrill historians and motoring enthusiasts.
GENRE(S): Cars, History, Technology
RUNTIME: (6 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2006
Egypt Mania!
The greatest collection of Egyptian antiquities is, without doubt, that of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Travel back through time and right into the tomb of Tutankhamun, discover the royal treasures of the Pharaoh, the work of the Ushabti servants, the purpose of amulets and gods, and much, much more.
STARRING: Narrated by Charles Webster
DIRECTED BY: Gianriccardo
PRODUCED BY: Roberto Ferrario
GENRE(S): History, Archaeology, Art
RUNTIME: (2 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2006
Annie: Life After Tomorrow
What happened to the girls who played orphans in the hit Broadway musical Annie? Some went on to fame and fortune, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Alyssa Milano and Molly Ringwald, while others struggled with their "Life After Tomorrow." Find out what happens when orphans grow up.
STARRING: Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), Julie Stevens, Danielle Birsebois
DIRECTED BY: Gil Cates Jr., Julie Stevens
GENRE(S): Documentary, Musical
RUNTIME: (75 Min), YEAR: 2006
Altered By Elvis
A year long journey from coast to coast, from shrine to shrine, reveals a world that Elvis left behind. Why does this celebrity who has been gone for almost 30 years still make $40 million a year? ALTERED BY ELVIS follows those who have been imprinted, inspired, fathered, enlightened, driven, fulfilled and even destroyed by the King of Rock ‘n Roll. Get a first hand look at what it is like to be ALTERED BY ELVIS.
STARRING: Larry Geller, Vicki Fritz, Dixie Locke Eammons, Alfred Wertheimer
DIRECTED BY: Jayce Bartok
PRODUCED BY: Tiffany Bartok
GENRE(S): Documentary, Rock
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr - TV, 98 min - DVD), YEAR: 2006
Frankenstein Reborn
In this horrifying, modern retelling of Mary Shelly's FRANKENSTEIN , a neurosurgeon, obsessed with the reanimation of dead flesh murders his patients and resurrects the corpse. Instead of life, he creates pure Evil, as the Creature carves a path of flesh and gore through the heart of the city.
STARRING: Rhett Giles, Tom Downey
DIRECTED BY: Leigh Scott
PRODUCED BY: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Sherri Strain
GENRE(S): Horror
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 2005
Beast of Bray Road
Based on actual accounts of werewolf sightings in Walworth County, Wisconsin. THE BEAST OF BRAY ROAD follows a local sheriff who is finally forced to accept that a string of horrifying deaths are linked to a predator which possesses the DNA of both man and wolf.
STARRING: Jeff Denton, Tom Downey
DIRECTED BY: Leigh Scott
PRODUCED BY: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Sherri Strain
GENRE(S): Horror, Creature
RUNTIME: (80 Min), YEAR: 2005
Way of the Vampire
After defeating Dracula, the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing is granted immortality by the Church to pursue and kill vampires. His hunt leads him through time, across continents to a bloody showdown with the evil Sebastion... the vampire who killed Van Helsing's wife
STARRING: Rhett Giles, Denise Boutte (Why Did I Get Married)
DIRECTED BY: Eduardo Durao, Sarah Nean Bruce
PRODUCED BY: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Sherri Strain
GENRE(S): Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
RUNTIME: (80 Min), YEAR: 2005
Are we prepared for the next attack? When a suspected bio-terrorist attack contaminates LA's water supply, the city is cast into turmoil. Casualties are mounting. Three, interwoven personal stories show how far a person will go to ensure their own survival.
STARRING: Christopher Masterson, Jon Gries, Jake Muxworthy, Mageina Tovah
PRODUCED BY: Ben Rekhi, Salvy Maleki, Smriti Mundhra, Taylor Phillips
GENRE(S): Thriller
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 2005
Will Bentley is the sole witness & prime suspect in his best friend's murder. With everyone against him, he must beat his own demons & find the true killer to clear his name. This twisted tale of sex, drugs & murder will have you guessing until the final
STARRING: Frank Vincent and Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos, Good Fellas), Ace Frehley (KISS), Arthur J. Nascarella (Copland, The Cooler), Chuck Zito (Oz), Christian Maelen, Jon Doscher (This Thing of Ours) Director: Christian Maelen Producer: Jon Doscher, Mark Petruzzi, Christian Maelen, Nicholas Reiner
DIRECTED BY: Christian Maelen
PRODUCED BY: Christian Maelen, Jon Doscher, Mark Petruzzi, Nicholas Reiner
GENRE(S): Thriller
RUNTIME: (82 Min), YEAR: 2005
Private Moments
Sex in the City meets Red Shoes Diaries. An impromptu birthday party and several bottles of wine leads to a night of sinful confessions for four funny, sexy ladies. From titillating talk in a phone booth to a sensual rendezvous on a underground train, these ladies share their sexiest, most private moments.
STARRING: Judi Shekoni (East Enders, The Hidden City), Catalina Guirado (Offending Angels), Natasja Vermeer (Emanuelle), Aruna Shields
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Sunanda Murali Manohar
GENRE(S): Erotic, Drama, Romantic Drama
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 2005
Cities of the World - NEW (Series 2)
Discover the fascinating architecture, culture, and history of the most interesting cities of the world. Spectacular aerial photography provides a unique point of view that clearly shows you how the various cities are structured and have grown over the centuries.
GENRE(S): Travel
RUNTIME: (42 x 40 Min), YEAR: 2005
World Odysseys (aka Explore the World)
Explore the beauty, history, archaeology, and fascinating cultures of the most magnificent places on Earth in this rich geographical series.
STARRING: Narrated by Mike Rowe
DIRECTED BY: Emilio Uberti
PRODUCED BY: Istituto Geografico De Agostini
GENRE(S): Travel
RUNTIME: (30 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2004
Roxanna's obsession with exquisite and limitless pleasures of the flesh begins to take over her life and lesbian desires surge beyond her control
STARRING: Andrew Divoff, Karen Black
GENRE(S): Erotic
YEAR: 2004
Genghis Khan, The Secrets of
Legend has it that Genghis Khan, the greatest warrior who ever lived, is buried in a hidden location with his plundered treasure: gold and silver from the lands of Islam, the Caliph of Baghdad's private vaults, and art and textiles from the great cities of the Middle Ages. Join a team of explorers across the steppes of Mongolia on their adventurous quest to unearth one of the world's greatest mysteries.
GENRE(S): History, Exploration
RUNTIME: (2 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2004
Bomb The System
Adrenaline, self-expression, and recognition of their talent drives three young graffiti artists to leave their mark on the streets of NYC. When one of the kids is brutalized by a corrupt vandal squad cop, the “bombers” wage a graffiti war with dire consequences.
STARRING: Mark Webber (Scott the Pilgrim vs. the World), Jaclyn De Santis (Road Trip), Al Sapienza (Saw V)
DIRECTED BY: Adam Bhala Lough
PRODUCED BY: Kanwal Rekhi
GENRE(S): Thriller, Drama, Action
RUNTIME: (91 Min), YEAR: 2004
Secrets of Archaeology
Take a virtual reality tour of histories most intriguing ancient civilizations. Uncover the secrets of the pyramids as the pharaohs reach for immortality, walk the streets of the Eternal City of Rome, relive a step-by-step reconstruction of Pompeii under the shadow of mighty Vesuvius, experience life in bustling Baghdad and journey to Latin America to the mythical "El Dorado."
STARRING: Narrated by Roger Steffens
PRODUCED BY: Instituto Geografico De Agostini, Robert Yuhas
GENRE(S): History, Archaeology, Travel
RUNTIME: (27 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2003
Tupac VS
Tupac Shakur remains a controversial and misunderstood figure long after the shooting that ended his life. Featuring an in-depth, never before seen 1995 interview, rare footage and stills, interviews from manager Leila Steinberg and those that have studied the conflicts and contradictions that haunted Tupac and make him the icon, philosopher and martyr he's known as today.
STARRING: Tupac Shakur, Michael Eric Dyson, Rah Pacasso, Leila Steinberg, Arvand Elihu
PRODUCED BY: A.k. Campbell, Phillip Roth, Tracy Robinson, Yanko Damboulev
GENRE(S): Biography, Hip Hop, Documentary
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2002
Hip Hop Nation
This exciting series takes you on a tour of the Hip Hop movement in pop-culture. Go behind-the-scenes with the celebrities, hear their latest music videos, visit them at home, explore their fashions, cars, go with them to the wildest clubs, and see extreme comedy sketches such as "Surviving the Hood".
STARRING: 50 Cent, Ludacris, Ice Cube, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Lil' Bow Wow, Ja Rule, Master P & Lil' Romeo, Jurassic 5, Eve and The RoughRiders, Nelly & The St. Lunatics, Queen Latifah, Toni Braxton, Wu Tang Clan, Fat Joe, Too Short, Suge Knight, Coolio, Mr. Cheeks, Kurtis Blow, MC Lyte, Lil' John & The East Side Boyz, Nappy Roots, Erykah Badu, Big Daddy Kane, Raphael Saadiq, Paradime, DJ Craze, Russell Simmions, NERD, Naughty by Nature, The Arsonists, Slum Village and more!
DIRECTED BY: William Leigh Media Group
PRODUCED BY: William Leigh Media Group, Zoom Culture Inc.
GENRE(S): Hip Hop
RUNTIME: (41 x 30 Min), YEAR: 2002
Time Of The Wolf
A young wolf helps an orphaned boy and his aunt and uncle find the courage to move forward in their lives after a tragedy.
STARRING: Burt Reynolds (Boogie Nights, The Longest Yard), Marthe Keller, Jason Priestly (Beverly Hills 90210)
PRODUCED BY: Andrew Somper, David Perlmutter, Frank Hübner, Lewis Chesler
GENRE(S): Family, Drama
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2002
Playground Earth
Anyone can do it and Playground Earth's photographers are shooting it! Travel to fascinating and exotic destinations where everyday adventurers brave rapids, scale cliffs, sky dive, kayak, trail blaze, surf, bike, hike and do just about every thrilling outdoor activity imaginable.
STARRING: Alie Carey
DIRECTED BY: Scott Ryan Whinery, Tyler Gooden
PRODUCED BY: Jason Marraccini, Jim Renaud
GENRE(S): Exploration, Nature, Travel
RUNTIME: (26 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2002
Modern Gladiators
Martial Arts masters such as Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Rorian Gracie, Bas Rutten, Cynthia Rothrock, and David Carradine discuss their disciplines and how they use their techniques to the greatest success. A comprehensive insight into this unique art and sport with dramatic fight footage and rare demonstrations.
STARRING: Narrated by Mark Margolis, Featuring Ron Balicki, Richard Bastillo, David Carradine, Babatu Vita Casel, Joe Charles, William Cheung, Jun Chung, John Corcoran, Joe Corley, Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham, Fumio Demura, Thomas Denny, John Denora, Ken Dinkens, Terrence Webster Doyle, Al Garza, Rorian Gracie, Keith /hackney, Bong Soo Han, Stephen Hayes, David Herbert, Sammo Hung, Dan Inosanto, Diana Lee Inosanto, Howard Jackson, Mark Kerr, N. Kilislian, Michele "Mouse" Krasnoo, Tak Kubota, Alan Lamb, Eric Lee, Jet Li, Louis Mandylor, Ricardo Miranda, and Alejo Mo-Sun
DIRECTED BY: Peter Spirer
PRODUCED BY: Charles X Block, Morgan H. Margolis, Peter Spirerer
GENRE(S): Sports
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2002
Down Time
Based on a true story of penitentiary warfare. A gritty look at the gangs who control prison life and one man's struggle with incarceration, drug addition, violence and betrayal. Move over "Traffic," -San Francisco Bay Guardian.
STARRING: William Van Nolan, Peter Quartaroli (Scorpion King) and Sam McBride. Featuring Latino rap artists Sir Dyno & Crew, Tay da Tay
DIRECTED BY: Sean Wilson
PRODUCED BY: Sean Wilson
GENRE(S): Action, Crime, Urban
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2002
Tupac: Before I Wake
This program offers a detailed look back on Tupac’s final year through the eyes of Rap legends Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, Russell Simmons and Tupac’s personal bodyguard, Frank Alexander. Featuring never-before-seen footage of the recording sessions for Tupac’s album “Until the End of Time”. See Tupac Shakur, up close and personal, as you’ve never seen him before.
STARRING: Tupac Shakur, Eric “Eazy-E” Wright,, Russell Simmons, Frank Alexander
PRODUCED BY: Frank Alexander
GENRE(S): Biography, Hip Hop
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2001
Smokin' Stogies
The Mob, the FBI and a group of drug dealers end up in a race through the hot streets of Miami in search of $1 million dollars worth of smuggled Cuban cigars.
STARRING: Tony Sirico (The Sopranos), Frank Vincent (GoodFellas) and Joe Marino (Price of Greed)
DIRECTED BY: Vincent Di Rosa
PRODUCED BY: Eileen Garcia di Rosa
GENRE(S): Action, Comedy, Crime
RUNTIME: (98 Min), YEAR: 2001
Legacy of Ancient Civilizations
Voyage back in time to the world of six ancient peoples whose contributions to art, culture, and literature had a great effect on civilization. These are the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, Ancient Arabia, the Phoenicians, and the inhabitants of Thera and Troy. Discover their legendary past from the Minotaur and the Labyrinth, to the Trojan War, and to the lost continent of Atlantis.
DIRECTED BY: Roberto Mezzabotta, Rosario Maria Montesanti
PRODUCED BY: Larry Rattner, Robert Famigheti
GENRE(S): History, Archaeology
RUNTIME: (6 x 1/2 hr), YEAR: 2001
Heroine of Hell
After witnessing a murder, a troubled woman paints visions of Hell to punish the wicked around her.
STARRING: Academy Award Nominee Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich) and Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend's Wedding)
DIRECTED BY: Nietzchka Keene
PRODUCED BY: Nietzchka Keene
GENRE(S): Thriller
RUNTIME: (87 Min), YEAR: 2001
Desperation Blvd
Judy Tenuta is a former television child star who will stop at nothing to make a comeback.
STARRING: Judy Tenuta (HBO's One Night Stand), Michael Lerner (Barton Fink), Greg Gilenna (Meet The Parents), Weird Al Yankovic, Dana Plato (Diff'rent Strokes), Erin Moran (Happy Days), Burt Ward (Batman), Julie Brown (MTV's Downtown Julie Brown) From the Creator of the original "Meet the Parents"!
DIRECTED BY: Greg Glienna
PRODUCED BY: Timothy E. Sabo
GENRE(S): Comedy
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2001
Strip N Run
Street wars don’t just happen, somebody sets them off. In an effort to control the streets, a man known only as Sheik pits gangsters against each other. To some it’s a game, but the most powerful gangster is not playing this time, or is he?
STARRING: Michael Madsen (Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs), Charles Napier (The Silence of the Lambs, Rambo), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), Brion James (Blade Runner, The Fifth Element)
DIRECTED BY: John Sjogren, L.P. Brown III
PRODUCED BY: L.P. Brown III, Scott D. Henderson
GENRE(S): Action
RUNTIME: (94 Min), YEAR: 2000
Silent Force, The
The Silent Force, a drug enforcement agency trained as ultimate fighting machines must stop a powerful Asian crime ring at any cost.
STARRING: Loren Avedon (King of the Kickboxers), George Cheung (Lethal Weapon 4), Brian Tochi, Karen Kim, Roger Yuan (Shanghai Noon)
PRODUCED BY: Cynthia Ahearn, Ron Singer
GENRE(S): Action, Martial Arts
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2000
Interview w/ Serial Killer
A serial killer wants a crime novelist with her own dark secret to write his biography. A cat and mouse game ensues a'la "Silence of The Lambs".
STARRING: Peter Firth (Pearl Harbor, Mighty Joe Young) and Harriet Robinson
DIRECTED BY: Chris Jones
PRODUCED BY: Geneviéve Jolliffe
GENRE(S): Thriller, Horror
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 2000
Castle Rock
An uruly middle class suburban girl and her dog meet a handsome drifter on the run from the law, while lost in the vast wilderness of Castle Rock Park. Thrown together in a struggle for survival, the two must put aside their differences and learn to trust one another.
STARRING: Ernest Borgnine (The Wild Bunch, Escape from New York), Pamela Bach, Frank Gorshin
DIRECTED BY: Craig Clyde
PRODUCED BY: Bryce W. Fillmore
GENRE(S): Family, Drama
RUNTIME: (85 Min), YEAR: 2000
Spanish Judges
Mayhem breaks loose when a young ruthless con man talks his way into a scam involving two thieves and stolen antique guns nicknamed the “Spanish Judges.” But when the deal goes down in a hail of bullets, only one person will walk out alive.
STARRING: Mathew Lillard (Scream), Valeria Golina (Rain Man, Frida), Vincent D'Onofrio (Men In Black, Law & Order Criminal Intent)
PRODUCED BY: Betsy Chasse, Richard Mann
GENRE(S): Action, Crime
RUNTIME: (98 Min), YEAR: 1999
Shark in a Bottle
An unhappy postal worker is programmed to kill, but fails his first assignment. Now, he must stop his current employers or die trying.
STARRING: Ben Gazzara (Anatomy of A Murder, Thomas Crowne Affair), Danny Nucci (Titantic, The Rock), Hiep Thi Le (Cruel Intentions, Heaven & Earth)
DIRECTED BY: Mark Anthony Little
PRODUCED BY: Michael A. Candela, Richard Mann
GENRE(S): Action, Comedy
RUNTIME: (94 Min), YEAR: 1999
One Hell of a Guy
When a handsome devil (Rob Lowe), tries to corrupt a living angel (Alexandra Powers), it becomes one hell of a time.
STARRING: Rob Lowe (West Wing, Contact, St. Elmo's Fire), Michael York (Austin Powers), Alexandra Powers (Dead Poet's Society)
DIRECTED BY: James David Pasternak
PRODUCED BY: Michael A. Candela, Richard Mann
GENRE(S): Romantic Comedy
RUNTIME: (97 Min), YEAR: 1999
Nowhere Land
An FBI key witness, in hiding before a Mob trial, is saved by a woman whose love is stronger than greed. She had a hundred chances to let him die, only one to save him.
STARRING: STARRING: Peter Dobson (Forrest Gump), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), Jon Polito (The Big Lebowski), Francesco Quinn (Platoon)
DIRECTED BY: Dennis Manuel
PRODUCED BY: Richard Mann
GENRE(S): Action
RUNTIME: (99 Min), YEAR: 1999
More Than Puppy Love
A young girl must learn to give up her dog to help a handicapped man regain his self-reliance.
STARRING: Pamela Bach (Baywatch), Diane Ladd and Craig Benton (Truman)
PRODUCED BY: Daniel Welter, Dennis Fallon
GENRE(S): Family, Drama
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1999
La Cucaracha
Tempted by greed, a destitute writer ends up fighting for his survival when the local mob in a small Mexican town involves him in a murder.
STARRING: STARRING: Eric Roberts (Dark Knight), Joaquim de Almeida (Desprerado), Victor Rivers (The Mask of Zorro) DIRECTOR: Jack Perez PRODUCER: Michael Candela
PRODUCED BY: Michael Candela
GENRE(S): Action, Thriller
RUNTIME: (95 Min), YEAR: 1999
Final Cut
Jude is dead... 11 friends gather at his wake to find he has made a video of their lives. Stories of secrets, lies, & disloyalty emerge. Jude was curious about his wife, his friends... and now he's dead.
STARRING: Jude Law (Road to Perdition, Enemy at the Gates, The Talented Mr. Ripley), Sadie Frost (Bram Stoker's Dracula), Ray Winston (The Departed, Sexy Beast)
DIRECTED BY: Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis
PRODUCED BY: Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis
GENRE(S): Thriller, Comedy, Film Noir
RUNTIME: (93 Min), YEAR: 1999
Dark Tides
While pulling lobster traps from the sea, fishing couple Sara and Ben recover a buoy containing half a million dollars. Ben hopes to use the money on booze and babes while Sara sees the cash as her ticket out of her unhappy marriage and miserable coastal
STARRING: Paige Turco (The Agency), Katherine Kendall (Flatland), John Meese (American Gothic)
PRODUCED BY: Pier Paolo Piccoli, Victoria Lang
GENRE(S): Action, Thriller, Crime
RUNTIME: (90 min), YEAR: 1999
Urban Ghost Story
After a near death experience, a young girl is plagued by a Poltergeist -- or is it her conscience?
STARRING: Jason Connery (Shanghai Noon), Elizabeth Berrington (Quill), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) and introducing Heather Ann Foster
DIRECTED BY: Geneviéve Jolliffe
PRODUCED BY: Chris Jones
GENRE(S): Thriller, Sci-Fi
RUNTIME: (82 Min), YEAR: 1998
Trouble on the Corner
In a city tenement building, a psychologist confuses his patient's bizarre problems with his own.
STARRING: Tony Goldwyn (Ghost), Debi Mazar (GoodFellas), Edi Falco (Sopranos), Tammy Grimes, Joe Morton
DIRECTED BY: Alan Madison
PRODUCED BY: Alan Madison, Diane Kolyer
GENRE(S): Thriller, Comedy, Film Noir
RUNTIME: (114 Min), YEAR: 1998
Passion of the Priest
Guided by faith, blinded by hope, betrayed by love. A priest struggles between his vows and his desires.
STARRING: John Michie (To Walk With Lions), Ben Taylor (Beau Geste), Rhona Mitra (Hollow Man, Doomsday), Kate Steavenson (Richard III)
PRODUCED BY: Samantha Keston, Tom Waller
GENRE(S): Drama
RUNTIME: (104 Min), YEAR: 1998
LOVE CAN SURVIVE ANY STORM... An American couple's vacation turns deadly when the manâs affair with the beautiful, mysterious wife of the local mobster leads to his girlfriend's death.
STARRING: Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Matt McCoy (LA Confidential), Jennifer McShane, Helen Brodie and Gulshan Grover (Jungle Book II)
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Kalpana Saxena
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (103 Min), YEAR: 1998
Dish Dogs
Two surfer dudes that wash dishes for a living in a coming of age romantic comedy about the friends you make, the jobs you take, and the women who change everything.
STARRING: Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Brian Dennehy (Presumed Innocent), Matthew Lilliard (Scooby Doo, Scream), Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie)
DIRECTED BY: Robert Kubilos
PRODUCED BY: Michael A. Candela, Richard Mann
GENRE(S): Romantic Comedy, Teen
RUNTIME: (96 Min), YEAR: 1998
Company Man
An elite International spy is hunted by former archenemies after retiring from the business. Unfortunately his teenage daughter gets dragged along for the ride.
STARRING: Frank Zagarino (Airboss), Matthias Hues (Fists of Iron), Robert Vaughn (The Man From UNCLE)
DIRECTED BY: Art Camacho
PRODUCED BY: Cynthia Ahearn, Cynthia Huffman
GENRE(S): Action, Martial Arts
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1998
Time to Revenge, A
Greed runs rampant and passions run hot, in this action-packed, modern-day western about a young rancher who vows to avenge his dad's murder.
STARRING: Ken Olandt (Falcon Down, T.N.T.), Julie Michaels, Paul Gleason (Die Hard), Leslie Ryan, William O'Leary (Hot Shots) Directed by: John Harwood Produced by: Dale Gibson Written by: Dale Gibson and John Harwood
DIRECTED BY: John Harwood
PRODUCED BY: Dale Gibson
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (97 Min), YEAR: 1997
Shades of Gray
A beautiful young sketch artist's drawing of a murder suspect matches the description of her own husband. Could her new husband be a brutal murderer, or is her ex-husband seeking revenge?
STARRING: Kelly Burns (Divorce: The Musical, Streetsweeper), Tom Reilly and Blake Adams (Six feet Under)
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (95 Min), YEAR: 1997
Mysterious Man of the Shroud
This CBS primetime Easter investigative special challenges the old data, considers new DNA evidence and re-examines the connection between the sacred burial wrapping of Jesus Christ and the events, in an amazing new way.
STARRING: Narrated by Hector Elizondo
DIRECTED BY: Terry Landau
PRODUCED BY: Krista Errickson
GENRE(S): History, Religion, Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1997
A girl's night out started innocently... then things got out of control. Meg must fight the legal system to prove sheâs been raped, and in the process conquer her own insecurities.
STARRING: Carla Gugino (Watchmen, Night At The Museum), Rya Kihlstedt (Deep Impact), Christopher McDonald (Nurse Betty), Anna Thomson (The Unforgiven)
DIRECTED BY: Caryn Krooth
PRODUCED BY: Caryn Krooth, Wendy Olinger
GENRE(S): Thriller, Drama, Crime
RUNTIME: (95 Min), YEAR: 1997
Cleopatra's Alexandria: Discovering the Lost City of Alexandria
Egyptian and French archeologists use state-of-the-art underwater technology to discover the remains of Cleopatra's palace and the glory of the great ancient city of Alexandria.
STARRING: Narrated by Ray Wiles
DIRECTED BY: Stephen Rocha
PRODUCED BY: Richard Bluth, Stephen Rocha
GENRE(S): History, Archaeology
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1997
In 2323 A.D., the Colony Wars are fueled by shortages of food, resources and energy. An alien, while retrieving a hidden fortune on one of the dead planets, attacks a group of mercenaries who try to interfere.
STARRING: Matthias Hues (Fists of Iron, I Come in Peace), Damian Paphronis, Mark Sult, Michael Blankeship, Stephen Alan Carver, Donna Lafferty, Larry Finch, and Craig McIntyre
DIRECTED BY: Richard Preston Jr.
GENRE(S): Action, Martial Arts
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1997
Unexplained: Witches, Werewolves & Vampires
This primetime NBC Halloween special looks at the legends and lore, and reveals the facts surrounding these intriguing and frightening entities. Includes bizarre case histories, interviews with present day vampires, investigations into the practices of modern witches and looks at the psychological and medical disorders which cause people to believe they are werewolves.
STARRING: Hosted by Peter Graves
DIRECTED BY: Terry Landau
PRODUCED BY: Gregory Ross
GENRE(S): Unexplained
RUNTIME: (1 x 1 hr), YEAR: 1996
Other Voices Other Rooms
Based on the novel by Truman Copote, semi autobiographical: a young boy grows up in the deep south amidst eccentrics and his estranged father.
STARRING: Lothaire Bluteau, Anna Thomson (The Unforgiven)
DIRECTED BY: David Rocksavage
PRODUCED BY: Robert C. Stigwood
GENRE(S): Drama, Historical, True Story
RUNTIME: (94 Min), YEAR: 1996
Master Demon
Centuries ago, a severed, demonic hand is hidden in a Shaolin Temple to snuff its deadly fury. When the remains of the hand are stolen, the stage is set for a climactic martial arts battle.
STARRING: Eric Lee (Fists of Iron, Blood Sport), Sid Campbell, Steve Nave, Ava Cadell
DIRECTED BY: Samuel Oldham
GENRE(S): Action, Martial Arts
RUNTIME: (96 Min), YEAR: 1996
Irresistible Impulse
A desperate salesman reluctantly teams up with a beautiful femme fatale to close a big sale. After a hot love affair, and an unsolved murder, she sets him up to take a fall.
STARRING: Doug Jeffrey (Born Champion, Lola's Game), Lee Ann Beaman (Starved, Other Woman), Kathy Shower (Love Letters)
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (106 Min), YEAR: 1996
Tainted Love
A desperate attraction. A beautiful homicide cop goes undercover in the steamy world of modeling to catch a serial killer and becomes enmeshed in a torrid affair with the prime suspect.
STARRING: Lee Ann Beaman (Starved, Other Woman), Doug Jeffery (Born Champion, Lola's Game), Granville Ames
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (93 Min), YEAR: 1995
Fatal Passion
An artist's dark secrets lead to murder and obsession as she holds her victims in her black-widow's web.
STARRING: Lisa Comshaw, Lawrence Tierney (Reservoir Dogs), Cynthia Rothrock
DIRECTED BY: T.L. Lankford
PRODUCED BY: Lise Romanoff, Stephen Rocha
GENRE(S): Horror, Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (90 Min), YEAR: 1995
Suite 16
A crippled man lives out his fantasies through a surrogate hustler.
STARRING: Pete Postlethwaite (Jurassic Park 3, In The Name Of The Father), Antonie Kamerling, Geraldine Pailhas
DIRECTED BY: Dominique Deruddere
PRODUCED BY: Paul Breuls, Victoria Singleton
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (106 Min), YEAR: 1994
Improper Conduct
A woman seeks revenge against the man whose sexual harassment led to her sisters death.
STARRING: Steven Bauer (Scarface), Tahnee Welch (I Shot Andy Warhol, Cocoon), Nia Peebles (Return to Lonesome Dove), John Laughlin and Kathy Shower
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (93 Min), YEAR: 1994
Black Magic Rites
Satanists try to resurrect a witch by sacrificing virgins.
STARRING: Mickey Hargitay, Rita Calderoni
DIRECTED BY: Renato Polselli
YEAR: 1975
Cold Eyes of Fear
STARRING: Frank Wolff, Giovanna Ralli
DIRECTED BY: Enzo G. Castellari
YEAR: 1971
Grateful Dead Broadcasting Live
This film captures one of rock history’s great live acts in stunning performance. Taken from a special broadcast transmitted on New Year’s Eve 1987; an occasion that saw the band at the very top of their game as they unleashed powerful versions of a string of Grateful Dead classics such as such as ‘Lady with a Fan’, ‘Terrapin Station’, ‘Not Fade Away’ and many more …
GENRE(S): Rock
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