Solar Impact


Solar debris crashes down to Earth, causing widespread destruction and unleashing solar radiation around the world. As genetic mutations rapidly spread, a group of friends must fight to stay alive and escape the chaos.


Oliver Park (Synced), Natalie Martins (Kill or Be Killed), Lucy Southal (Game of Thrones), Nikolas Salmon (Bragging Rights), Julian Seager (Death Race 4)


Sci-Fi, Action

RUNTIME: (85 Min)


Tudley James

YEAR: 2019


HD & 5.1




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Incredible special effects and explosions
Full marketing and publicity campaign
Action packed!

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Long Synopsis

Astrophysicists discover intense electro-magnetic storms on the Sun which are violently blasting solar matter into space and piercing the Earth’s magnetic field and ozone layer. As the solar debris crashes down to Earth, unleashing widespread devastation and vast amounts of radiation, it causes DNA genetic mutations to all who come into contact. As the radioactivity rapidly spreads, and with governments and military around the globe on the brink of collapse, a group of friends (Oliver Park, Natalie Martins) band together to flee the mayhem, desperate and hoping to find refuge from this catastrophic event.