Love & Football

A woman is married to a pro football player who is suddenly injured. Attracted to money and fame, she leaves him for another football player. Broken in both body and spirit, he hits rock bottom but his nurse tries to bring him back to the man he was.

Starring: Amin Joseph (The Expendables, G.I. Joe: Retaliation), Taja V. Simpson (Karma Bitch, White Crack Bastard), Efé (Cleaver Family Reunion, A Piece of Secret), Jenn Pinto (Into the Woods, Cricket Head), Rick Irvin (Ghost Month, Death Valley Diary), Tia Streaty (Who Do You Know?, Kidnapped Souls), Steve Synder (Foxy Lady TV, Deceitful)

Directed By: Cora Anne

Produced By: Steve Synder, David Kane Garcia, Ashley Noel

Genre(s): Urban


Runtime: 85 min, YEAR: 2013