Legend of Lake Hollow, The

A group of friends goes to a remote cabin by a lake to rest and relax when unexplained things start to happen. Cameras flash in the night as something sinister stalks them and strange people appear and mysteriously vanish without a trace. As they start to doubt who they can trust among them, the creature behind these occurrences will reveal itself and is more terrifying than they can imagine.

Starring: : James David West (Christmas at the Ranch), Kyle Rankin (Burden of Proof), Brendan Bald (Muted), Liz Atwater (Ride), Meg Barlowe (Swarm), Austin Copps (Christmas in Tune)

Directed By: Chris Hollo

Produced By: Mark Mosrie, Chris Hollo

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (88 Min), YEAR: 2024


A plane flight carrying a college football team crashes in the Himalayas. Surviving the crash was only part of their problem. Trying not to become a meal for the monster lurking in the mountains will be their greater challenge.

Starring: Crystal Lowe (Insomnia), Carly Pope (Popular), Brandon Jay Mclaren (Graceland)

Directed By: Paul Ziller

Produced By: Daniel Grodnik

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (87 Min), YEAR: 2008


A group of students on a school holiday discover a mysterious camera, but when several of them start showing up dead after having their picture taken, they start to realize this camera is much more than they bargained for. In looking at the photos taken of everyone, they find that the deaths correlate to the image. As time runs out, they must piece together the puzzle before they become the next victims.

Starring: Armand Assante (American Gangster), Antonio Cupo (Blood & Treasure), Harriet MacMasters-Green

Directed By: Francesco Gasperoni

Produced By: Hamid Basket, Livia Benevento, Robert Capelli Jr, Franceso Gasperoni, Gherardo Pagliei

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (84 Min), YEAR: 2009


When a group of traveling teenagers happen upon the small village of Ellensford, they find that no one ages, no one gets sick, and crops are always plentiful. However, they soon learn that this magical place comes with a price; an annual human sacrifice to a vicious Ogre.

Starring: John Schneider (Smallville), Ryan Kennedy (Tin Star), Katharine Isabelle (The Order), Brandon Fletcher (Violent Night)

Directed By: Steven R. Monroe

Produced By: Lindsay MacAdam

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2007

Naked Fear (aka Naked Prey)

Tom Benike is the sheriff in a small New Mexico town and best friends with Colin Mandel, a noted hunter who has been featured in several magazines. Diana Kelper works at a local strip joint, The Wild Cherry. When Diana suddenly disappears, suspicion begins to fall on the strangely absent Colin. In truth, Colin has kidnapped, raped and tortured Diana before releasing the naked girl into the woods to hunt her down and kill her. Diana must use intelligence, cunning and animal intuition to avoid becoming Colin’s next trophy.

Starring: Joe Mantegna (Godfather III, Criminal Minds), Danielle De Luca

Directed By: Thom Eberhardt

Produced By: Ronald Dunas

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (108 Min), YEAR: 2007


Manny and his wife, Alicia, are drowning in debt. Desperate, Manny takes a job repossessing houses with his father in law. Under pressure, Manny has to make a critical choice—evict his friend, Kevin and his ailing mother—or lose his job. Despite Shan’s desperate pleas, Manny evicts them, attracting a demonic presence, KARMA. Instantly, his luck turns—flat tire, hit and run, supernatural accidents. When Frank is brutally killed and Alicia threatened, Manny realizes he must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his family.

Starring: Mandela Van Peebles (Jigsaw), Brytni Sarpy (The Young and the Restless), Kanoa Goo (The Rookie), Tony Amendola (The Mask of Zorro)

Directed By: Nick Simon

Produced By: Thomas Mahoney

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (85 Min), YEAR: 2018

I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance is Mine

Jennifer Hills is still tormented by the brutal sexual assault she endured years ago. She’s changed identities and cities, reluctantly joining a support group where she begins to piece together a new life. But when her new friend’s murderer goes free and the tales of serial rapists haunt her, Jennifer will hunt down the men responsible and do what the system won’t – she will make them pay for their crimes in the most horrific ways imaginable. Only this time, no jury may be able to save her.

Starring: Sarah Butler ( I Spit On Your Grave), Jen Landon (Yellowstone), Doug McKeon (On Golden Pond), Gabriel Hogan (Heartland)

Directed By: R.D. Braunstein

Produced By: Lisa M. Hansen, Paul Hertzberg

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (92 Min), YEAR: 2015

I Spit On Your Grave 2

Naturally beautiful, Katie has just settled into New York where she, like many other young women, is trying to make it as a model. But what starts out as an innocent and simple photo shoot soon turns into something disturbingly unthinkable! Raped, tortured and kidnapped to a foreign country, Katie is buried alive and left to die. Against all odds, she manages to escape. Severely injured, she will have to tap into the darkest places of the human psyche to not only survive, but to exact her revenge.

Starring: Jemma Dallender, Joe Absolom, Yavor Baharov

Directed By: Steven R. Monroe

Produced By: Lisa M. Hansen, Paul Hertzberg

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (106 Min), YEAR: 2013

I Spit On Your Grave (aka Day of the Woman)

In this updated version of the classic 1978 horror film, DAY OF THE WOMAN, a young woman is brutally attacked and left for dead by her assailants. But Jennifer is alive and now plots out a horrific revenge scheme to inflict punishment on her attackers. DAY OF THE WOMAN (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) has gained a reputation over the years as an extremely graphic and violent film, as well as one of the most controversial horror films. Critics have hailed it, “Truly a masterpiece of cinema.”

Starring: Sarah Butler (Grey's Anatomy), Jeff Branson (For All Mankind), Andrew Howard (Limitless)

Directed By: Steven R. Monroe

Produced By: Lisa M. Hansen, Paul Hertzberg

Genre(s): Horror


Runtime: (108 Min), YEAR: 2010

Amityville Murders, The

"On the night of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. took a high-powered rifle and murdered his entire family as they slept. At his trial, DeFeo claimed that "voices" in the house commanded him to kill. Thirteen months later, the Lutz family bought the house and stayed only 28 days before fleeing in terror. Their nightmarish ordeal shocked the world in The Amityville Horror. The Lutzes may have escaped from Amityville with their lives ... but the DeFeo's weren't so lucky. This is their story.

Starring: John Robinson (Transformers), Lainie Kazan (Gigli), Paul Ben - Victor (The Irishman)

Directed By: Daniel Farrands

Produced By: Daniel Farrands, Eric Brenner, Lucas Jarach

Genre(s): Horror

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (95 min), YEAR: 2018