Lost in Tomorrow

When a young girl is bullied at school and gets into a fight, she is punished by her parents and wishes she could be someone else. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds she is now a different person. Every morning from then on, she wakes with a new identity and learns about consciousness, memories, and perspective.

Starring: : Charity Rose (Piggy Bank Proposition), Zachary Ray Sherman (90210), Jordan Knapp (FBI: Most Wanted), Jane Edwina Seymour (Ahsoka), Arthur Roberts (Up in Smoke)

Directed By: Kellen Gibbs

Produced By: Kellen Gibbs, Donald Nguyen

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (82 Min), YEAR: 2024

Forever Young

Starring: Diana Quick (The Death of Stalin), Bernard Hill (Lord of the Rings), Amy Tyger (Foundation), Mark Jackson (The Orville), Stephanie Beacham (Dynasty), Anna Wolf (Herself), Julian Glover (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Directed By: Henk Pretorius

Produced By: Barend Kruger, Llewelynn Greeff

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Thriller, Romantic Drama, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (100 Min), YEAR: 2023

Alien Intervention

An alien visitor entrusts a powerful device to a young girl before he disappears with government officials. When he comes back 25 years later to reclaim it so he can return to his home planet, he finds the woman struggling to keep her business and marriage alive. With his return, her purpose is redefined and she is finally able to find inner peace.

Starring: Carie Kawa (While Mortals Sleep), Michael Esparza (Railing Helen), Daniel Door (Pure O), Cynthia Mace (The Cathedra), Gregory Jbara (Blue Bloods)

Directed By: Janet Grillo

Produced By: Julie Crosby, David Youse

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (103 Min), YEAR: 2023

Beauty and the Beast

A dark twist on the morality tale of forbidden love between beautiful Belle and the feared forest Beast. As villagers are brutally murdered and the Beast is hunted down as the one responsible for the mayhem, Belle and Beast team up to defeat the real killer; the power-hungry witch’s malevolent troll.

Starring: Estella Warren, Rhett Giles, Vanessa Gray, Victor Parascos

Directed By: David Lister

Genre(s): Sci-Fi


Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2009

Secret of Karma, The

A dying man gets a look at his previous and future lives and is given insight on how all his actions affect him in his other incarnations. His past life’s decisions have determined his place in the present and the culmination of his multiple lives’ choices will set in motion a course of action that will destroy the lives of thousands of innocent people on a peaceful planet.

Starring: Academy Awards Winner Brendan Fraser (The Whale), Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives), Dawn Olivieri (Yellowstone)

Directed By: Milan Friedrich, Dalidor Stach

Produced By: Milan Friedrich, William Friedrich, Philip B. Goldfine, Zuzana Prusova, Hana Smutna, David Smutny

Genre(s): Romantic Drama, Sci-Fi

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2020

Super Shark

A sleepy beach town gearing up for a busy 4th of July weekend is threatened by a gigantic, prehistoric great white shark. This ‘Super Shark’ has become the ultimate ocean predator and now he’s land bound as the terrified tourists soon learn that this shark can walk! Attacked from the air, the ‘Super Shark’ proves he can rule the air as well as he swiftly takes down a military jet. It’s up to one man to find a way to kill the beast before the entire town becomes shark bait!

Starring: John Schneider (Smallville), Jimmie Walker (Good Times), Catherine Annette

Directed By: Fred Olen Ray

Produced By: Fred Olen Ray, Kimberly A. Ray

Genre(s): Sci-Fi


Runtime: (87 Min), YEAR: 2011

Sinbad and the Minotaur

In this re-imagining of Greek and Arabic folk tales, legendary voyager Sinbad and his hearty crew of sailors and adventurers seek a long-lost treasure.

Starring: Manu Bennett (Arrow), Steven Grives (Scooby-Doo), Holly Bristley (Home & Away)

Directed By: Karl Zwicky

Produced By: Dana Dubovsky, Mark L. Lester, Grant Bradley

Genre(s): Sci-Fi


Runtime: (88 Min), YEAR: 2011


When a plane carrying a pair of top-secret military robots’ crashes on a deserted Pacific island, a team of Navy seals must find them and turn them off as soon as possible for the longer they are activated, the smarter they become.

Starring: Joe LAado (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), Lisa LoCicero (General Hospital), Josh Coxx (Babylon 5), George Takei (Star Trek;: The Original Series)

Directed By: Jay Andrews

Produced By: Paul Hertzberg

Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi


Runtime: (94 Min), YEAR: 2005


A dormant volcano deep within the Turkish forest holds a deadly secret. Perfectly preserved, a nest of ancient dinosaur eggs are finally ready to hatch. When they do, the consequences for mankind could be dire... Past and present collide as a special ops military unit battles an enemy unlike any they've ever seen before...

Starring: Cameron Daddo (Home & Away), Amy Sloan (The Day After Tomorrow), Coolio

Directed By: Mark L. Lester

Produced By: Dana Dubovsky, Mark L. Lester

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Action


Runtime: (91 Min), YEAR: 2005


After a violent car wreck nearly takes his life, Jack Barnes begins having inexplicable and terrifying premonitions of horrible disasters. As his premonitions start coming true, Jack is soon wanted by the FBI for questioning. On the run, he must unlock the meaning of his visions before the next disaster strikes.

Starring: Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Catherine Oxenberg (Dynasty), Colin Lawrence (Virgin River)

Directed By: Jonas Quastel

Produced By: Michael Derbas

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Thriller


Runtime: (86 Min), YEAR: 2004