Ghosts and the Afterlife: A Scientific Investigation!

A definitive film based on 12 years of investigations exploring the subject of the afterlife. The existence of ghosts is a real phenomenon. Scientific research, historical evidence and first-hand accounts prove that our souls are consciousness with or without the physical body. Doctors discuss what happens upon death of the physical body and how different religions perceive it.

Starring: Kelsey Bohlen (On-Camera Narrator), James Van Praagh (Expert), Jay Thomas (Experiencer), Dr. Raymond Moody (Expert), Dr. Norm Shealy (Expert), Dr. Kenneth Rose (Expert), Dr. Jeffrey Rediger (Expert), Dr. Vernon Sylvest (Expert), Frederick “Skip” Atwater (Captain), F. Reed Brown (Reverend), Mike Perry (Reverend), Justin Terry (Pastor)

Directed By: Steve Sayre

Produced By: Steve Sayre

Genre(s): Space/Paranormal, 4K, * New Releases


Runtime: (72 Min), YEAR: 2022

Space: In the Great Beyond

We are on the edge of a new era in humanity. From our very first days on earth, humankind looked up at the stars, but the vastness of space has now become our new hope for survival. With ultra-high technology robots even now walking upon the surface of Mars, mankind will be not only journey to other planets within our lifetime, we will inhabit them. This not science-fiction. The future is now.

Starring: Charles Washington, Paul Hughes

Directed By: Russ Sterling

Produced By: Ned Christyson

Genre(s): Space/Paranormal, * New Releases


Runtime: (67 Min), YEAR: 2021

Origins of the Universe

The world around us contains many complex systems that work so perfectly together. For many years there has raged a heated debate between evolution and creation, with the question at the core of it all being, “Was the earth created, or did it come into existence on its own?” Meet seven experts in their fields who have devoted their lives to the study of this question.

Starring: Hosted by Todd Cantelone with interviews from Ken Ham (Creationist), Dr. PZ Myers (Biologist), Dr. Georgia Purdom (Molecular Geneticist), Dr. Terry Mortenson (Geologist and Theologian), Dr. David Menton (Biologist), Dr. Jason Lisle (Astrophysicists), Dr. Polly Winsor

Directed By: Karl E. Ritcher

Produced By: Tore Stautland

Genre(s): Space/Paranormal


Runtime: (48 Min), YEAR: 2017

UFO Conclusion

What is the alien agenda? And why has the government gone to such great lengths to stifle the overwhelming evidence that otherworldly creatures exist? Some of our greatest minds ask these questions and more in a quest to unveil the truth behind this massive cover-up--and whether Earth can afford to ignore the extraterrestrial messages much longer.

Starring: Stanton Friedman (World-renowed Nuclear Physicist), Patty Greer (Crop Circle Expert), Jim Marrs (New York Times Bestselling Author, "Alien Agenda")

Directed By: Danny Mauro

Genre(s): Space/Paranormal


Runtime: (47 Min), YEAR: 2017

Solar System: The Secrets of the Universe

Join our host on the International Space Station of the year 2050. At his control is a fleet of likeable NOMAD robots, installed on every planet and planet-like moon in our solar system. Marvel at the three-dimensional sights transmitted by their cameras, and learn many things about the astral bodies that surround us.

Starring: Narrated by Glenn McCready

Directed By: Kalle Max Hofmann, Timo Joh Mayer

Produced By: Benjamin Eicher, Timo Joh Mayer

Genre(s): Space/Paranormal


Runtime: (87 Min), YEAR: 2014

Steps to the Future

A cutting-edge series that brings new light to the most compelling topics. • Are We Alone in the Universe?: Explore the possibility of communication with other worlds. • Cosmic Hazards: Can gamma rays, super volcanoes, and magnetic pole reversals destroy the earth? • The Hidden Side of the Brain: New theories based on unique individuals with astounding brainpower. • What If We Could Live Forever?: Explore the most cutting-edge genetic research. • UFOs: Truths and Illusions

Starring: Narrated by Steve Gadler, Tercelin Kirtley, and Hester Wilcox

Directed By: Roland Portiche

Produced By: Bernard Giglio, Philippe Lenglet

Genre(s): Space/Paranormal


Runtime: (4 x 1 hr), YEAR: 2010