Three U.S. Combat Veterans share stories of triumph, struggle, and loss as they detail their journeys on the battlefield. Risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan’s most dangerous missions, these experiences will leave you speechless. Follow these warriors as they come home with a lack of purpose, with no support system in place, resulting in more veterans dying of suicide than actual war.

Starring: Wade Spann (Self), Michael Gomez (Self), Omar Hernandez (Self)

Directed By: Louis Borrego, Brandon Borrego

Produced By: Mark Kershaw

Genre(s): Military, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (84 Min), YEAR: 2023

Angels of the Sky

Starring: Robert Barney, Walter Drake, George Emerson, Harry Sellig, Ed Stapleton, Sean Burgos

Directed By: Josh Berman, Trent McGee

Produced By: Trent McGee, Natalia Pleshivtseva

Genre(s): Military, History, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2023

Guns, Bombs and War: A Love Story

With weapons capable of wiping everything from the face of the globe, the future of the world is at stake. Journey through history, biology, mythology, and fables to discover if violence is in our genes or if it’s a construct of our minds.

Starring: Marianne Williamson (NYT Best-Selling Author), Mairead Maguiere (Peace Activist), Dr. Jude Currivan (Author and Founder of WholeWorld-View), David Swanson (Executive Director of World Beyond War)

Directed By: Emmanuel Itier

Produced By: Gabi Frobose, Peter Klose, Annette Mueller, Lynda Weinman, Emmanuel Itier, Dawn Zuill

Genre(s): Current Affairs, Crime, Military, * New Releases


Runtime: (79 min), YEAR: 2021

Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission

WWII hero Lt. Royal Stratton leads a mission to save the lives of nine downed airmen. Gripping action mixed with firsthand accounts showcase the valor of his courageous squadron who face overwhelming odds to bring their brothers home.

Starring: Christopher Johnson (The Last of the Mohicans), Mariana Tosca (Superstore), Earl Holliman (Forbidden Planet), Janis Paige (Silk Stockings), Marsha Hunt (Pride and Prejudice)

Directed By: Christopher Johnson

Produced By: Mariana Tosca, Mariana Coku

Genre(s): * New Releases, Military


Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2020

World's Most Dangerous Paper Route

Witness the story of the unsung heroes who write and photograph for the Stars and Stripes military newspaper as well as those who deliver the newspaper to soldiers in Afghanistan along the world’s most dangerous paper route.

Starring: Steven Berger (Colonel, Commander – Area Support Group), Dylan Grace (Sgt., 371st Sustainment Brigade), Steve Kroft (Narrator, former Stars and Stripes journalist), Casey McMurray (Sgt., 371st Sustainment Brigade), Robert Riceman (Stars and Stripes distribution Manager)

Directed By:  Matthew Hausle

Produced By: Steven C. Barber

Genre(s): Biography, History, Military

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2019

Battle Of Dunkirk: From Disaster to Triumph

The events that unfolded at Dunkirk remain one of the greatest stories in human history. In a race against time, over eight hundred defenseless private boats crossed the English Channel to rescue the stranded soldiers from the inferno at the beaches of Dunkirk. Examine the extraordinary personal bravery of individual veterans – from moments of fear and chaos, to their uplifting stories of heroism and sacrifice in a battle that changed the course of WWII.

Directed By: Sonia Anderson

Produced By: SEIS Imagery Limited

Genre(s): Military, History


Runtime: (70 min), YEAR: 2018

From War To Wisdom

Decorated veterans experience trauma returning to civilian life after their adrenaline-filled experiences in war have ended. And so their new mission begins, serving other veterans on the home front and changing the world for the better.

Starring: FEATURED VETERANS: Josh Hisle, Scott Blakely, Edward Smith, Jared Vrazel, Frank Weston, Matt Lorscheider, Nick Salcedo, Justin  Oxenrider, Hans Palmer, Rick Pickeral, Kenny Bass, Ragtime, Travis Elfgren, Josh Rivers, Tyler Engel, Mark Llano, and Mike Whiter.

Directed By: Josh Hisle, Daniel R. Collins

Genre(s): History, Military

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (104 Min), YEAR: 2017

Comedy Warriors

Five severely wounded Iraq/Afghanistan veterans were given the opportunity to explore their experiences through the healing power of humor. This film follows their journey as they work with professional comedy writers, and A-List comedians who help them write and perform their own personal stand-up comedy routines.

Starring: Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), Lewis Black (The Daily Show), Bob Saget (Full House), and B.J. Novak (The Office)

Directed By: John Wager

Produced By: John Wager, Ray Reo, Bernadette Luckett

Genre(s): Lifestyle, Health/Wellness, Military

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (74 Min), YEAR: 2013