Pop Seduction Cinema

Cloak & Shag Her

London. 1969. Super sexy secret agent April Flowers and bumbling sidekick Basil travel forward in time to the year 2019 to face their archest of enemies - the sinister Dr. Mean (Darian Caine). Seems that Mean and her evil, go-go dancing stripper-clone have concocted a potent love potion that immediately induces uninhibited sexual promiscuity, quite a naughty way to achieve world domination.

Starring: Julian Wells, Deal Paul, Darian Caine, C.J. DiMarsico, A.J. Khan, Ruby Larocca, Shane Annigans, Michael Roszhart

Directed By: William Hellfire

Produced By: Michael Raso

Genre(s): Comedy, Erotic

Secret Desires

Denise, a bored and sexually frustrated housewife, finds a dusty old film projector in her bedroom closet. From the moment she turns it on, she becomes powerfully aroused by the erotic images it projects onto her wall – images that reflect her own deep, secret, lesbian desires.

Starring: Darian Caine, Jackie Stevens, Molly Heartbreaker

Directed By: John Bacchus

Genre(s): Erotic

Runtime: (74 Min), YEAR: 2008

Naughty Novelist, The

Darian, a successful print journalist recently moved into a new town, is looking to pick up some choice writing assignments to keep her career on track. Answering a "Writers Wanted" ad in the local newspaper, she is introduced to "Flesh for Fantasy Publications," which specializes in erotic literature for women. Within days Darian's heated imagination conjures up sexually intoxicating storylines that literally set her manuscripts on fire. And as these fictional lesbian encounters play out in her head and on the page, it's just a matter of time before pen touching paper becomes flesh caressing flesh.

Starring: Darian Caine, Jackie Stevens, A.J. Khan

Directed By: John Bacchus

Produced By: Michael Raso

Genre(s): Romantic Drama, Erotic

Runtime: (88 Min), YEAR: 2008


An innocent and naive young woman arrives in Los Angeles to make it as a big-name actress, only to suffer though the pain and humiliation of the casting couch routine again and again thus getting a first hand look at Hollywood at its worst.

Starring: Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Julie Strain, Darian Caine, Andrea Davis

Directed By: Brett Piper

Produced By: Michael Raso

Genre(s): Erotic, Drama

Runtime: (96 Min), YEAR: 2007

Sex Hex

A benign corporate office suddenly becomes the sexual playground for a lesbian vampire who likes to watch her female victims seduce one another.

Starring: Sabrina Faire, Jackie Stevens, A.J. Khan, Darian Caine

Directed By: George Freeway

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Erotic

Runtime: (76 Min), YEAR: 2007

Curious Obsessions

When an old 16mm film projector shows up at their doorstep, roommates Beth and Jackie aren't quite sure what to make of its mysterious appearance. The young women quickly discover that the whirring machine is haunted: it turns on at will and projects non-stop footage of ultra-erotic stag loops from the 1960s and 70s.

Starring: Bethany Lott, Jackie Stevens

Directed By: John Bacchus

Produced By: Michael Raso

Genre(s): Drama

Runtime: (78 Min), YEAR: 2006

Kinky Kong

When acclaimed erotica director Seymour Ass disembarks on remote Bone Island to shoot his next soft-core epic with sexpot starlet Fanny Sparrow, he discovers several big obstacles to overcome…none more imposing than a 60 foot tall simian with a naughty penchant for peeping and a kinky attraction to beautiful young women of the homo sapien persuasion.

Starring: Darian Caine, AJ Khan, Alexia Moore, Lora Renee, Jennifer Stanczak, Jackie Stevens, Duane Polcou, Dan Schwab

Directed By: John Bacchus

Produced By: Michael A. Weiss, Jeffrey Faoro, Michael Raso

Genre(s): Comedy, Erotic

Runtime: (73 Min), YEAR: 2006

SSI: Sexy Squad Investigation

New York City. Detective John Honeysuckle is a troubled cop struggling in his duties as top dog at the city's toughest unit, SSI. The department was set up to enforce the President's extreme "Illicit Sex" bill, which would make pre-marital sex punishable by life behind bars.

Starring: AJ Khan, Andy Alfrick, Susie Best, Frank Bowdler, McKenzie Matthews, John Fedele

Directed By: Thomas J. Moose

Produced By: Thomas J. Moose

Genre(s): Erotic, Comedy

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

When a pair of time-traveling alien beauties stumble across Earth as it was one million years ago, they are confronted by a ménage-a-trois of sex-crazed cave-girls (Misty Mundae, Ruby LaRocca, Lily Tiger) and a land populated by rumbling dinosaurs. It's not before long that the fur-clad lesbian cave-babes get down to some serious grunting and groaning and teach the curious space visitors a thing or two about juicy Jurassic love.

Starring: Misty Mundae, Tina Krause, Mia Copia, Ruby Larocca, Lilly Tiger

Directed By: David DeCoteau, William Hellfire

Genre(s): Comedy, Erotic

Girl Who Shagged Me

In prehistoric times there existed a supernatural, sexually-charged cavewoman whose attraction to females was so hot that it halted the Ice Age. She was the first lesbian - the legendary Goddess of Lust (Anoushka) - and her erotic appetite can once again bring the world to its knees.

Starring: Andy Sawyer, Thomas J. Moose, Misty Mundae, Rachel Travers, Rob Taylor, Adrian Ottiwell, Johnny Mango, Frank Bowdler, A.J. Khan

Directed By: Thomas J. Moose

Produced By: Thomas J. Moose, Andy Sawyer

Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Erotic

Runtime: (70 Min), YEAR: 2005