Spirit of Friendship

A young boy, grieving the recent loss of his mother, attempts to contact her with the help of his friends. That’s when a mysterious man appears, seemingly only visible to him. His friends think he is going crazy, but stand by him anyway. It’s through the two’s discussions that the boy learns to cherish his relationships with loved ones and to navigate loss, love, and eternal connections.

Starring: Jeremy London (Mallrats), Sal Rendino (Dumb Money), Glen Nicholes Jr. (Finders Keepers), Carter Grassi, Delaney Miclette, Dante Corticelli, Luca Corticelli, Shane Shuska

Directed By: Danny LeGare

Produced By: Danny LeGare

Genre(s): Family, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (85 Min), YEAR: 2024

Dance Rivals

When a talented young dancer moves to Los Angeles with her family, she is nervous about fitting in at a new city. As she teaches her younger sister’s dance team, she is quickly noticed and recruited by the top dance squad in the city. But tensions rise between her and the reigning dance queen, so they each assemble their own crews and settle their differences on the dance floor.

Starring: Savannah Lee May (Julie and the Phantoms), Maria Canals-Barrera (Wizards of Waverly Place), Laura Krystine (To the Beat!), Gunner Burkhardt (Alexa and Katie)

Directed By: Nayip Ramos

Produced By: Jimmy T. Summerall , Ryan Armendariz

Genre(s): Family, Teen, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (93 Min), YEAR: 2024

Princess Halle and the Jester

When goblins attack and capture the king, the young princess escapes with a poor jester, returning to his village. Disguising herself as a peasant to conceal her true identity, she learns how the subjects of her father live. Meanwhile, her stepmother has taken over the throne and she must devise a plan with her new friends to rescue her father and restore peace to the kingdom once again.

Starring: Emma Duchesneau (Patsy and Loretta), Duncan Novak (The Devil Below), Rachel Stacy (Homicide Hunter)

Directed By: Christopher Lombardi

Produced By: Christopher Lombardi

Genre(s): Family, Adventure, * New Releases, Animation

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (71Min), YEAR: 2024

Evil Fairy Queen, The

Lured to a beautiful but remote farmhouse by a deceitful relative, a family decides to move in. Little do they know it’s in the middle of a dying kingdom of fairies and the only way for them to rejuvenate their life force is by sacrificing their young daughter. As she is baited to the fairies’ lair, her mother must fight to return her to safety and bring an end to the evil fairy queen’s reign

Starring: Julia Czartoryski (Silent Night), Kitty Sudbery (Cinderella's Curse), Martyn Spendlove (The Mystery of Mr E), Aniela Leyland

Directed By: Simon Wells

Produced By: Simon Wells, James Wrench

Genre(s): Family, Adventure, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (91 Min), YEAR: 2024

A Nashville Wish

A talented young country singer dreams of nothing but going to Nashville to become a music star and dating the most beautiful cheerleader in high school. As the stars would have it, his music career takes off at the same time as their relationship and he must choose between his love of music and the girl of his dreams in a coming-of-age story of first love and following one’s destiny

Starring: Maxfield Camp (The Glee Project), Kaileigh Bullard (Nashville), Alexis Gomez (American Idol), Lee Greenwood (Country Singer, "God Bless the USA"), Waylon Payne (Walk the Line), Caleb Shore (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2)

Directed By: Demetrius Navarro

Produced By: Robin Capehart, Mark Popadic, Chad Marshall

Genre(s): Family, Inspirational, Musical, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (102 Min), YEAR: 2024

Consider the Lilies

A successful woman’s life seems perfect with a thriving bakery business and teenage daughter until she realizes her husband is cheating. Her estranged mother has been hospitalized with a terminal condition with little hope to regain consciousness. Her faith is challenged as she struggles with forgiveness and reconciliation of the past so she can be present for those who need her now.

Starring: Layla Cushman (Downward Dog), Ricky Burchell (AM Radio), Aerial Nicole (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story), Kiana Vazquez (ATL Homicide)

Directed By: Ricky Burchell

Produced By: Vicki Myers, Kendall M. Gray

Genre(s): Family, Inspirational, Urban, * New Releases

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 Min), YEAR: 2023

Island of the Lost Girls, The

When a riptide sweeps three young sisters away on their surfboard, they wash up on an island where they must escape a sea cave filled with crashing waves, discover abandoned artifacts from the island’s previous residents, and encounter hundreds of sea lions and giant elephant seals. As they make their way to a distant lighthouse, they learn the importance of family and always sticking together.

Starring: Avila Schmidt (Adventures of Jojo and His Annoying Sister Avila), Autumn Schmidt, Scarlet Schmidt

Directed By: Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt

Produced By: Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt

Genre(s): Adventure, Family, 4K, * New Releases

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (103 Min), YEAR: 2023

Little Heroes

A typical summer for four young friends becomes the adventure of a lifetime when they notice that something is amiss at their favorite swimming spot as their friends and family begin falling ill.  When they discover that the local factory is dumping harmful chemicals into the town's water, they must expose the truth and figure out how to stop the pollution and save the town before it's too late.

Starring: Coleman Christian (Spotlight), Max Gerstenberg (The Lonely), Brain Stever (House of Cards), Brittany Goodwin (All Is Calm)

Produced By: Douglas B. Maddox

Genre(s): Family, Comedy, 4K

FORMAT: 4K/ HD & 5.1

Runtime: (78 Min), YEAR: 2023

Boy, The Dog, and The Clown, The

A young boy, Adrien, grieving over the loss of his father, befriends a down-on-his-luck clown who performs incredible feats of magic. Fascinated, the boy vows to replicate the clown’s wizardry and keeps practicing, practicing, practicing! Meanwhile, Adrien’s mom also bonds with the gentle, good-natured clown, and they invite him on a camping trip to celebrate the boy’s 10th birthday, along with Adrien’s aunt and uncle. A fun party ensues and the clown entertains them by making butterflies appear out of thin air. When the clown’s dog chases after a squirrel, the distraught Adrien follows and gets lost in the woods. The boy ultimately realizes that he must use the magical powers taught to him by the clown in order to be rescued. A story of healing, courage, and most of all, the power of knowing that magic is real for those who believe.

Starring: Gabriel Dell Jr. (Rise of the Zombies), Kenny Johnston (Justice League of America)

Directed By: Nick Lyon

Produced By: Nick Lyon

Genre(s): Family

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (90 min), YEAR: 2019

Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure

In this wonderful, heartwarming film, we follow the adventures of Aussie, a beagle who lives with his mom, his dad, and his special friend, Laney. When dad brings home a very special teddy bear for Laney, Aussie is jealous and hides the bear under a pile of leaves in the yard. When he sees how sad Laney is, he goes to get Ted but he is gone! Aussie begins a harrowing journey to find Ted, and with help from his friend, Cricket, bring him home to Laney.

Starring: Dean Cain (Rat Race), Alyssa Shafer (Happy Feet), Beverly D' Angelo (National Lampoon's Vacation)

Directed By: Shuki Levy

Produced By: Herb Linsey, Ronnie Hadar

Genre(s): Family

FORMAT: HD & 5.1

Runtime: (88 min), YEAR: 2008