Rack Pack, The


A group of military brats play out their adventures in the woods. They find a map to a buried treasure that thieves are after. But when one of their fathers is kidnapped, they must embark on a rescue mission as "The Rack Pack".


C. Thomas Howell ( The Outsiders), Samantha Katelyn (Quantico), Nico Ford (Technicolour Daydream), Randy Jones (Can’t Stop The Music), Krista Grotte (Check Point)


Adventure, Family

RUNTIME: (85 Min)


Thomas J. Churchill


Douglas Maddox, Executive Producer Darrell Rackley, Executive Producer David Schifter

YEAR: 2018




Photos / Additional Key Art

Long Synopsis

A group of military kids including Darrell Rackley (Nico Ford, Sinister 2) play out their adventures in the woods. One day, they come across some thieves DJ and Ted (C. Thomas Howell, The Outsiders) and learn of a treasure they are after. The kids find the map and devise a plan to get to the treasure first. However, everything changes when the thieves kidnap one of the kid’s dad, Mr. Rackley (David Schifter, Sleepy Hollow). w they must embark on a rescue mission where they form a bond of brotherhood and friendship as “The Rack Pack” with the help of their neighbors Colonel Lamb (Randy Jones, Bleeding Hearts) and Tammy (Cece Kelly, Union)