Point Man


A trio of soldiers vow revenge on their platoon when they are left behind enemy lines. When they come across a missing contingent in a Vietnamese village, alliances dissolve and each step forward will come with a price.


Christopher Long, Jacob Keohane (TURN), Chase Gutzmore (Cake: The Series), Marcus Bailey, Matthew Ewald (Galidor), Cody Howard (Outbreak)


Action, War/Military, Urban

RUNTIME: (97 Min)


Phil Blattenberger


Phil Blattenberger, Branden Cobb, Joe Nowland

YEAR: 2018


HD & 5.1


Photos / Additional Key Art

Long Synopsis

Casper (Christopher Long), drafted into the U.S. Army to fight in the jungles of Vietnam, is fed up with ill treatment at the hands of his platoon commander, Lieutenant Sutter (Matthew Ewald). When he and his fellow soldiers (Chase Gutzmore and Marcus Bailey) are left to die after a fire fight, they find themselves paired with Silas Meeks (Jacob Keohane) a soldier with a propensity for treachery. Lost in the jungle, they stumble across an American platoon with a dark secret; an unexpected showdown sparks a manhunt, unusual alliances, and betrayals from every side. Out here, every step toward vengeance comes with a price.