Days of Rage: The Rolling Stones' Road to Altamont


The decade that began with peace and love was shattered in the late 1960s amidst riots, assassinations and a war that wouldn’t end. The Rolling Stones became the voice of this new era, which came to a horrific end at the Altamont festival.


Sam Cutler (Stones’ tour manager), Ronnie Schneider (tour producer), Gered Mankowitz (Stones’ photographer), Michael Lydon (Altamont reporter), Joel Selvin (author), Charles Kaiser (author), Mark Paytress (author), Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stones Magazine contributing editor), Keith Altham Stones’ publicist), Peter Richardson (author)



RUNTIME: (105 Min)


Tom O'Dell


Tom O'Dell, Elio Espana

YEAR: 2019


HD & 5.1




Key Marketing Points

• Featuring music from The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, and more!
• The full story of the 1960’s from flower power to the tragic end
• Interviews from key players who were actually there

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Long Synopsis

"At the close of the 1960s, America erupted. The optimism of the Summer of Love was shattered, and youth culture itself came under attack. Amidst riots, assassinations and the Vietnam War, the band that emerged as the most powerful voice of this new era was the Rolling Stones, who captured the anger and the frustration of a generation at war with the establishment. In December 1969, the band helped organize a momentous free concert at the Altamont Speedway. Planned as a celebration of the positive fires still burning at the heart of the counterculture, this chaotic and violent event would be remembered instead as the final nail in the coffin of the sixties dream. 50 years on, Days of Rage traces the Stones through this turbulent era, all the way to the concert that became rock’s darkest day. Featuring previously unseen footage of the Altamont festival plus eye-witness accounts from 1969 tour producer Ronnie Schneider, Stones’ tour manager Sam Cutler, Stones’ photographer Gered Mankowitz, Altamont reporter Michael Lydon plus many, many more…"