Tie The Knot


A modern American woman travels to Mumbai to get away from the stresses of city life and her over-bearing mom. There she bonds with a successful Indian women striving to make her family happy yet accept that she will only marry for love. What ensues is a generational mash-up of old-school traditions and contemporary dreams.


Tara Reid (American Reunion, The Big Lebowski), Karishma Ahluwalia (Savages), Omi Vaidya (Brown Nation), Sahil Shroff (The Amazing Race)


Romantic Comedy, Family

RUNTIME: (90 Min)


Shuja Paul


Shuja Paul

YEAR: 2016






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Long Synopsis

When free-spirited independent-minded Beatrice (Tara Reid, Sharknado) takes an impromptu journey to Mumbai to escape her overbearing mother, she bonds with Sonia (Karishma Ahluwalia, Savages), a surgeon who has been practicing specialized medicine in the states and is now being pressured by her parents to marry an Indian man. At a restaurant one night, the women meet Kavi (Sahil Shroff, Don 2), a handsome bartender/musician who has immediate chemistry with Sonia. Fearful that her family wouldn’t consider him a suitable suitor, Sonia agrees to go on the numerous dates her mother has arranged. While Sonia navigates her mother’s matchmaking efforts—including a particularly memorable outing with a prominent doctor whose life parallels her own (Shuja Paul, Murder in the First), Beatrice befriends a local teacher (Omi Vaidya, 3 Idiots) who invites her to his school and encourages her to stay in Mumbai. But when a family medical emergency threatens to take Kavi away for good, Beatrice must help Sonia choose between tying the knot to appease her parents, or forging a romantic path of her own