Honesty Weekend


A young couple on the rocks is prescribed a weekend of total honesty to turn their marriage around. A getaway with rambunctious friends reveals the good, the bad, and the hilarious in a no-holds-barred weekend of truth-telling and chaos.


Adam Bartley (Longmire), Sabina Gadecki (L.A.'s Finest), Lorraine Pascale (KEVYN AUCOIN Beauty & The Beast in Me), Pete Ploszek (Captain Marvel), Susan Walter (Teen Wolf) Allan Wasserman (Suburbicon) Evan Watkins (Adam Ruins Everything)


Comedy, Romantic Comedy, 4K, * New Releases

RUNTIME: (89 Min)


Leslie Thomas


Leslie Thomas, Colin MacDougall

YEAR: 2021


4K/ HD




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Super fun and enjoyable comedy with great cast
Relatable messaging about relationships, friendships, and everything in between
Huge social media presence; full cast support

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Long Synopsis

When their therapist (Allan Wasserman) challenges them to be completely honest with each other for an entire weekend, a young married couple (Natalie Ceballos, Evan Watkins) attempts to execute this advice over two days at a country house with good friends (Adam Bartley, Dioni Michelle Collins, Pete Ploszek). At first amused by the couple’s newfound honesty, soon everyone is spilling secrets as the good, the bad, and the hilarious comes out causing conflicts and desires to flare. And when husband John’s sexy lesbian friend Delaney (Sabina Gadecki) arrives to stir the pot, the whole thing heats up until it boils over. At the heart of this romantic comedy is a young marriage going through a rough patch, but look deeper and you’ll see the angsty discomfort of early thirty-somethings struggling to embrace intimacy and true adulthood as they attempt to illuminate their relationship blind spots.