Hot Money


Confused by the economy, derivatives, cost of energy, and taxes? You are not alone. Untangle the realities of the global financial system and its relationship to government, politics and climate change with all the humor of a New Yorker cartoon. DON’T GET BURNED, JOIN THE CONVERSATION.


General Wesley Clark (Global Security and Energy Consultant), Wes Clark Jr (Wind Energy Project Manager), Katharina Pistor (Director Columbia Law School's Center on Global Legal Transformation), Jeff Bridges (Academy Award winning actor), and Kaamran Hafeez (New Yorker cartoonist)


Current Affairs, Environmental, 4K, * New Releases

RUNTIME: (120 Min)


Susan Kucera


Jim Swift, Susan Kucera

YEAR: 2021

RELEASE DATE: 01/19/2021


4K/ HD & 5.1




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  •   Timely social, financial and environmental issues
        •    Full marketing and publicity support from Jeff Bridges and Wesley Clark Sr. and Jr.
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Press Releases


Chandler International Film Festival-Best Documentary Feature-2021

LA Film Awards-Best Documentary Feature-2021

Los Angeles Political Film Festival-Best Documentary Feature-2021

Hot Springs International Women's Festival -Best Documentary Feature-2021

Houston International Film Festival-Gold Remi Award-2021

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Long Synopsis

Hot Money outs the whole game, the whole charade, the whole crap shoot of the world’s financial circulatory system and its profound exposure to climate change with all the humor and intelligence of a New Yorker cartoon. Rich with historical context, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark (ret.) and his son take us on a journey connecting farmers, homeowners, bankers, academics, and business professionals in a tale that explains the knot of economic forces that can lead to collapse and how to untie it. DON’T GET BURNED, JOIN THE CONVERSATION.