Ali's Comeback: the Untold Story


It’s 1970, Muhammad Ali had been exiled from boxing for his stance against the Vietnam War, stripped of his title, and convicted of draft evasion. But in Atlanta, a diverse group came together to ensure he received his rightful comeback.


Robert Kassel, Attorney. Boxing promoter; Leroy Johnson, Georgia State Senator (1963-75); Khalilah Ali, Wife of Muhammad Ali (1967-77; Evander Holyfield, 5 Time Boxing Heavyweight Champion; Andrew Young, Former UN Ambassador and Atlanta Mayor; Sam Massell, Atlanta Mayor (1970-74); Juan Carlos, Olympic Bronze Medalist (1968) The World’s Fastest, Humanitarian;


Sports, Civil Rights, History, Biography, * New Releases

RUNTIME: (80 Min)


Art Jones


Mandy Fason, Yahya McClain, Brittany Wyatt

YEAR: 2020




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• National and local television and press coverage
• Timely racial discussions
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Long Synopsis

"It is 1970. Muhammad Ali has been exiled from boxing since 1967 for his firm stance against the Vietnam War. Stripped of his title, convicted of draft evasion, facing a $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison, passport is revoked, and he is denied a license in all 50 states. Ali's illustrious boxing career was ebbing to a quiet close. But in Atlanta, that all changed. An ambitious Jewish attorney turned promoter, Atlanta's first Jewish mayor, and Senator Leroy Johnson joined forces to make the impossible possible. Ali's Comeback: The Untold Story is the epic tale about the return of the greatest athlete of the 20th Century from the shadows of the boxing ring, and onto the world stage. Featuring an all-star cast including Evander Holyfield, John (Juan) Carlos, Edwin Moses, Andrew Young, Jim Brown, and Khalilah Ali."